ActivLab Creatine Beta-Alanine 300 g

ActivLab Creatine Beta-Alanine 300 g

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The main benefits of the present supplement should first of all include:

- Increase in muscle strength and endurance during anaerobic exercise (weight lifting);
- The severity of muscle anabolic processes;
- Efficient elimination of lactic acid;
- Faster post-workout recovery.

The optimal combination of 4.5 g of creatine and 4.5 grams of Beta-Alanine increases physical performance during short-duration, high-intensity exercise. Creatine enhances physical performance, and included in the preparation of beta-alanine increases the training time, due to delay fatigue.
The product is a preparation recommended especially during periods of muscle building, and people train for martial arts, strength (eg, running, cross fit, cycling) and strength, as well as subjecting the body during periods of intense physical exertion.

Creatine - the most popular, most thoroughly studied chemical compound that increases muscle mass and strength. It causes increased production of ATP, which is a high-energy compound that allows contraction of myocytes. Creatine also retains water in the muscle cells, which causes an increase in intracellular voltage and, consequently, contributes to anabolism.

Beta Alanine - together with histidine creates carnosine, which increases the efficiency of the muscles and prevents over-acidification. Protects against free radicals muscles and increases their aerobic endurance.

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Take one serving 10 g (2 teaspoons) dissolved in 250 ml of water. Use once a day before training.

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ActivLab Creatine Beta-Alanine 300 g

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